Trapol8 Helps Streamline Due Diligence to Ensure Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Trapol8 turns due diligence documents into structured data, helping M&A professionals shorten diligence cycles and save money. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to make informed M&A decisions.


Save time & manage risk with AI-powered document data extraction

Trapol8 allows M&A professionals to spend more time analyzing key value drivers and making decisions -- and less time reviewing documents and entering data.

Save Time & Money

Cut down manual review time and expense

Focus on High-Value Work

Focus your team on tasks that move the needle, not mundane data entry

Decrease Error Rates

Eliminate errors inherent in manual document review and data entry

Manage Risk

Identify and categorize risk areas early in the diligence process

Custom Data Extraction

Extract the Data You Need

Every deal is different. Trapol8 provides flexible tools that allow you to pull the data you need from every document in your deal room. Set up an AI assistant per deal to ensure that you are always comparing apples to apples.

Set up in minutes with tools as simple as drag and drop

Link your source documents from their repository to Trapol8

AI extracts the data you need in seconds

Automated Diligence

Automate Low Value Review Items & Focus on What Matters

Free up your team's time to focus on high risk items by setting automated review rules for documents that need to be accounted for but do not contain high risk data.

Set up rules for Trapol8's AI so that certain documents and fields are surfaced for immediate review.

Go from a folder of documents to a full actionable, analysis with tables, charts, and spreadsheets in minutes

Report Database

Real-Time Reporting Tools

Use a variety of reporting tools to find what you are looking for at the moment you need it.

Search for files, companies, people - any point of data with built in search

See your files in action with Trapol8's dashboard tools

Create custom views and reports through out of the box integrations with all major business intelligence platforms


Document Management

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the most common questions about Trapol8's functionality, features, integration capabilities, and how it can enhance your investment process.

Streamline Due Diligence with Customized AI Solutions

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