Trapol8 Helps VC Funds Make Better Investment Decisions

Trapol8 turns pitch decks into structured data, helping venture capital funds save time, prevent bias, and make smarter investment decisions. Harness the power of artificial intelligence to streamline your investment process and make informed decisions based on data.


Save time, avoid bias, and generate higher returns with AI-powered pitch deck data extraction.

Trapol8 shortens review cycles, weeds out biases, and saves administrative time and money, leading to smarter, objective investment decisions and greater long-term returns.

Save Time & Money Shorten review cycles and save money by letting Trapol8 pre-screen pitch decks.

Identify Bias Upload and analyze old pitch decks to identify trends and potential biases.

Boost Returns Boost long-term investment returns with structured, analyzable data insights.

Automate Workflows Build automation rules that save your team time.

Integrate Easily Seamlessly integrate with a variety of tools to maximize efficiency.

Support Decisions Make informed decisions based on your fund's parameters.

Custom Data Extraction

Extract the Data You Need

Your fund has a unique thesis and process for making investments. Tell Trapol8 what data you need from every deck your fund has ever reviewed and build a tool that is uniquely yours.

Setup as simple as drag & drop

Analyze historical decks and uncover hidden trends

Start collecting data from new submissions the moment a deck is received

Deal Matching

Easily identify matching decks, companies, and founders

Trapol8's similarity identification tool helps investors find decks, companies, and founders that align with their parameters, ensuring they never miss an opportunity that fits their investment criteria.

Identify investment opportunities that align with past successes - or misses.

Cross reference competitors, customers, and founders between companies.

Workflow Automation

Use Trapol8 to pre-screen pitch decks and fill in information gaps

Set up Trapol8 to communicate with founders in real time at the moment they submit a deck.

Embed Trapol8 on your website.

Have Trapol8 communicate any data omissions so that gaps are filled at the moment of submission.


Automation, CRM, & Communication

Document Management

Business Intelligence & Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the most common questions about Trapol8's functionality, features, integration capabilities, and how it can enhance your investment process.

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