Trapol8 turns documents into structured data.

Custom AI Assistants that analyze documents and turn information into a relational database

Build your data a home -- without learning how to code.

Trapol8's intuitive no-code tools empower you to design and manage relational databases with ease. Drag and drop fields onto forms. Connect forms to each other. Break free from spreadsheets, and unlock the multidimensional power of your data without having to pay an engineering team.

Let Trapol8's AI tell you where in the home your data should live.

Leverage the power of AI to streamline data entry and document analysis. Trapol8's intelligent document processing (IDP) reduces manual labor, increases accuracy, and revolutionizes the way businesses manage their documents.

Review and approve Trapol8's choices -- keeping you in control of your house.

Review and approve AI-suggested data entries to ensure accuracy and consistency across your documents and data and the reports generated by them.

See how Trapol8 helps a PE fund save time and money on due diligence.

See how a renewable power company uses Trapol8 to source sales leads.

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