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Why we Trapol8.

From those of us who can't code:

We've had jobs that required us to track specific data points but didn't give us software to do it. Or, the boss gave us software that kind of did it, but not really. Sometimes, we got good at Excel, but after a while, there was so much data that Excel couldn't handle it. (Let's not mention that time when we realized that one of our colleagues had been entering data incorrectly in Excel for six months. Or when we couldn't find our Excel sheet for three and a half days...) Then, our boss would ask us where the data came from -- and to prove that it was right. We could never find the source documents or records. Or if we could, it took months. So, we decided to work at a place where we build a tool where people like us (who can't code) can build their own systems! That's why we Trapol8.

From those of us who can code:

We've had jobs where our colleagues who can't code ask us to work miracles. The good thing is, we can work miracles. The bad thing is that building one-off miracles isn't sustainable. For anyone. So, we decided to work at a place where we build a product that gives non-technical users no-code tools to build their own systems. They can build forms with the fields they need. They can populate the fields with data themselves or use AI to do it. They can link their systems (we call them "workspaces") with non-Trapol8 systems. They can draw sophisticated conclusions without having to call us. To put it a different way -- our colleagues who can't code can still call us...if they need us...but just not every day. That's why we Trapol8.

Trapol8 is...

Michelle Chung, Genius

Michelle Chung

Bob Gates, not the SecDef

Bob Gates

Patrick Kurth, Genius

Patrick Kurth

Ben Schenker, Genius

Ben Schenker


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