Harness the Power of AI with TrapolBot

Embrace the future of data management with Trapol8's innovative artificial intelligence solutions.

How does Trapol8 use AI? Meet TrapolBot!

TrapolBot is advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that is revolutionizing the way businesses manage data. TrapolBot automates tasks that were once manual, making document and data management more efficient and precise.

TrapolBot Automates Relational Database Creation...

Trapol8's AI analyzes documents and data to suggest an optimal structure for a Workspace, Trapol8's no-code relational database environment. By automatically determining the best arrangement of forms, fields, and the relationships between them, TrapolBot simplifies Workspace creation.

...and Expedites Database Population...

Once a Workspace is created, TrapolBot continues to assist by analyzing uploaded documents and data and suggesting where information should be entered in the Workspace. TrapolBot puts the intelligence in intelligent document processing (IDP).

...While Leaving Final Approvals in Human Hands

TrapolBot always leaves ultimate control in the hands of the user. All AI-suggested entries must be reviewed and approved or rejected by you or someone on your team, ensuring accuracy and consistency across all data.

See how a renewable power company uses Trapol8 to source sales leads.

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