Streamline Data Management with a Trapol8 Workspace

Build and manage relational databases without writing a single line of code.

What is a Workspace? How do I make one?

A Workspace is a relational database built using Trapol8's no-code tools. Workspace builder tools are designed with non-technical users in mind, enabling them to create complex database relationships without needing any programming skills.

Step 1 - Create Forms & Field

Creating forms and fields is as easy as drag & drop. Design databases to suit unique business needs, creating spaces for all essential data.

Step 2 - Link Forms with Each Other

Build relationships between forms, crafting a network of data that provides unique insights into your business, your customers, your contracts -- whatever you use Trapol8 to track.

Step 3 - Populate the Workspace... manual data entry

Enter data by filling in the forms and fields in your Workspace. importing from Excel

Import Excel spreadsheets directly into your Workspace.

...via the API

While forms and fields are being created, Trapol8 is automatically updating the API for your workspace, making it easy to link your Workspace to other software tools and data repositories.

...using Trapol8's AI

TrapolBot can read documents and data and fill in the forms and fields in your workspace while linking the data back to its source documents. TrapolBot-suggested data doesn't go live until you (or someone in your organization) approves any suggested changes.

Step 4 - Integrate with a Trapol8 Document Vault

Enrich data context by linking forms and fields in a Workspace to related source documents in a Trapol8 Document Vault.

Step 5 - Search, Filter, and Analyze Data

With data well-organized in a Workspace, users can easily search and filter to find the information they need. Utilize Trapol8's data visualization tools to gain insights and drive data-informed decisions.

Step 6 - Create Multiple Workspaces

Create as many Workspaces as needed. Whether it's department-specific, project-based, or role-specific, you can adapt one or more Workspaces to meet diverse organizational needs.

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