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Construction Professionals

Manage Project Data

Trapol8's no-code relational database enables users to create custom forms and fields to store and manage project data. Trapol8's structured Workspace makes it easy to search, filter, and analyze project timelines, costs, resources, and more.

Trapol8 for construction

Streamline Contract Management

With Trapol8's AI-driven Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), automate data entry for contracts, bids, and other documents. Save time, reduce manual labor, and improve data accuracy with AI suggestions for data entries.

Review & Approve AI-Suggested Data Changes

Trapol8's review and approve features allow users to maintain control over AI-suggested data entries, ensuring accuracy and consistency across documents and data.

Secure Document Storage & Management

Store and manage all your project documents -- contracts, plans, permits, and more -- securely in a Trapol8 Document Vault. The Document Vault can be easily organized and linked to corresponding data in each workspace.

Manage Client & Supplier Information

Store and manage client and supplier data, including contact details, preferences, and past transactions. Link this data to project listings and contracts and enable data-drive decision-making by drawing insights into client preferences and supplier performance.

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